The Dark Horses

The Dark Horses is a collective of some of the UK's most reputable freelance professionals across the Music and Event industries.  The Dark Horses was set up as a direct result of our clients’ need for world-class event production professionals, without having to pay exuberant production company fees.


We are made up from the management teams of some of the UK's most well known festivals and private events, top level production and technical teams, music programmers and creative production professionals.  The Dark Horses have worked with each other and throughout the industry for the last 15 years.   

The Dark Horses is a specialist crew company that can cover all areas of your event.  From concept right through to post show production, we have the right person for the right job.   We can help you with event design and licencing, contractor booking and management, site management, artist bookings and management, technical production, and of course the live day event management.  We have the skill base to plug any gaps you may find in your production, whether you need to find an entire event team, or just one or two key managers.  If you are producing a 5 day festival for 200,000 or an afternoon wedding for 200, we will work with you to create an exceptional event.

We know how important it is to get the right people for the job.  You need to be confident that the experience and knowledge of your team is flawless; but it is also imperative that their dedication, loyalty, diplomacy, presence around your event site and even their sense of humour keeps the ball rolling, even when the pressure is on. 


Look no further.


We are The Dark Horses